What the Future Holds

Whilst the motor car of yesteryear is similar to today’s in the fact it has four wheels a drive and gearbox etc it is totally different in so many ways. The whole vehicle is designed by computer chips and ECU’s and the design for the body produced by clay modelling. The factories were in major output and producing tens of thousands of cars and exporting large amounts of vehicles. Coventry and other manufacturing Cities were booming.

The late 90’s and early noughties brought much tension with the workforce and management and this sadly led to the demise of a number of brands such as MG Rover Chrysler UK and Triumph.

So where is the motor industry now and how do the older vehicles stand the test of time.

The industry is controlled by Ford Nissan Toyota and European tie ups ie Renault Fiat and Peugeot and JLR and then the German giants Mercedes BMW and Audi.

Companies that 5 years ago didn’t have much of a following such as Kia MG Tesla are making up ground fast and niche markets like Porsche RR and Bentley are doing well.

So the crystal ball now comes it and may help us to assess the future of vehicle movements.

As I said above the British Government and indeed the world have said no more petrol and diesel cars after 2030. It doesn’t mean you cannot use you fuel driven car but I expect excessive fees for driving in cities and tolls on other roads.

Coventry looks like being the first city to have all electric buses and a Very Light Railway system and that will almost certainly lead to banning petrol and diesel cars from City Centres and suburban roads.

So what will be the favoured fuel, Electric Hydrogen Or a magical little pill. Electric is winning the game at the moment but will it win the game in 2030/2035.

Giga Factory’s are opening in GB and the EU as well as China and Korea but safety issues with the battery installation and the chemicals and products required to build the battery leave serious doubts in some quarters.

The HCVA (Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance) has recently been formed with a strong board and will become a lobbying group on behalf of Classic Car Owners who want the freedom to use their vehicles for that day out in the Cotswolds or a run out to a club event.

There is a massive following with clubs for almost every marque. There are some who are looking to convert to EV like the E Type that was used for Harry and Megan’s wedding.

All in all massive changes in the motor industry coming up and at the moment lots of guesswork with the defined way forward.

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